Artificial Breeding – A.I. & Embryo Transfer
28 Nov

Artificial Breeding – A.I. & Embryo Transfer

Working with people who know the cultures, markets, languages and needs of their respective countries has proven an effective method of building strong, productive relationships.

A.I. organizations have worked together on self-imposed standards of conduct, performance and credibility. When customers buy semen, they buy two things that require superb confidence in their supplier. First is the hope that their cows will become pregnant. The second is the trust that the resulting offspring will, several years later, be a worthy addition to their herds.

In other words, the customer is buying futures that can never be measured at the time of purchase. This credibility and past performance of an A.I. company became the only standards for judgment. Without this high degree of credibility, the industry would not have developed to the point where more than 65% of the US’s dairy cows, and several million of its beef cows are now bred artificially.

There is one other group of people that has not yet been called to your attention and who are very important to ABSTCM economy – the ABSTCM Representatives and Distributors who are responsible for servicing over 5 million beef and dairy cows each year with ABSTCM-produced semen.

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