We offer different services

Based on our expertise in genetics, breeding management and records, and feed quality, we will offer our experience in farm level operational guidance.

offers a wide variety of Agricultural products to both private and public sector customers:

  1. Dairy and beef Bull semen
  2. Breeding Supplies (Gloves, Sheaths, Lubricants, Breeding Record Books, Semen Inventory Books)
  3. Animal Identification Equipment (Identification Eartags)
  4. Computerized Mating Programs (Quickmate)
  5. Heat Detection Aids (Kamar Heat Mount, Chinball Markers and Chalking Markers)
  6. Udder Care and Mastitis Prevention Products (Draminski, Porta SCC, Valiant Express, Teat Dip Cups)
  7. Pregnancy Diagnosis ( Ultra-Sound Scanner )
  8. Hay Moisture Meters
  9. Artificial Insemination Equipment (Liquid Nitrogen Tanks, Dipsticks, Pistolletes, Thawing Flasks, Cito Thaw Monitors, Temperature Monitor Ampules, A.I. Kits, Cito Cutters)

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