PortaBHB – Milk Ketone Bodies
28 Nov

PortaBHB – Milk Ketone Bodies

PortaCheck is pleased to announce the PortaBHBTM milk ketone test. It is now available world wide through our network of dealers and distributors. Ketosis is a condition that occurs in dairy cattle when the demand for energy exceeds intake, resulting in a negative energy balance. This condition occurs most frequently in the postpartum period, especially in high-producing cows. When the diet does not provide enough energy, the body begins to metabolize fat reserves, resulting in the formation of ketones. Beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) is one of the ketones produced during this process. Long term effects of ketosis include lowered milk production, an increased risk of other diseases such as displaced abomasum, and even impaired fertility. By detecting ketosis before it becomes clinical, producers can take steps to avoid clinical health effects and loss of income. The PortaBHB milk ketone test is a semi-quantitative dipstick for the detection of subclinical ketosis. Dip the test strip into a milk sample and compare to a color chart. The test strip changes color in the presence of BHB. The higher the concentration of BHB, the greater the color change.

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