Reproductive Management System®
28 Nov

Reproductive Management System®

RMS is a systematic approach to maximizing pregnancy production and profitability for your dairy. RMS encompasses four key program characteristics:

Service Reliability:

  • Timely heat detection and breeding supports a consistent supply of animals
  • Our RMS technicians’ entire focus is on achieving pregnancy in cows


  • Together with Global Technical Services, your ABSTCM representative brings specialized expertise and a team approach to problem solving
  • RMS professional technicians work closely with herd veterinarians to improve synchronization compliance


  • RMS monitoring allows trends to be identified and necessary actions taken
  • RMS = Consistent data input and interpretation of report

Genetic Advantage:

  • A.I. breeding allows for higher genetic offspring
  • A.I. breeding allows for the selection of traits that are important to the dairy operation

ABSTCM Certification allows specialization and expertise:

Our RMS Professional Technicians attend the comprehensive ABSTCM RMS Certified Training Program located near Sunnyside, Washington. The two week intensive program focuses on optimizing heat detection in order to maximize pregnancy production on customer dairies. This encompasses training on large commercial dairies, with both open lot and freestall housing. The training is supervised by veteran technicians with the assistance of a commercial veterinarian. Technicians leave the training center having spent eight to ten hours a day on-farm honing the skills necessary to make the right decisions behind the cows. Because a comprehensive working knowledge of reproduction is also necessary for good heat detection skills, attendees spend two to three hours per day working with and presentations from industry experts  to prepare them for a final written exam.

*Not all products and services are available in all areas; please contact your local ABSTCM representative for a complete listing of services offered.

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