28 Nov

Valiant: Triple Protection… Can your dip do that?

  • Patented dual-germicide consisting of advanced chlorine dioxide technology plus.
  • LAS for persistent 12-hour kill.
  • Emollients, humectants and alpha hydroxyl fatty acid protect, rejuvenate teat skin.
  • 3.5 oz activator to 1 gallon base.
  • Same activator for all Valiant products.
  • Effective teat marking.
  • Available in 5, 15 & 55 gallon containers.
  • NMC Protocol Tested.
  • Product marking ability effective for 7 days after mixing.

Product Information

Valiant Barrier — Ultimate Level of Protection

  • Product of choice when environmental mastitis is main problem but equal control of contagious mastitis.
  • Especially effective in hot, wet, nutrient-rich environments.

Valiant Pre — Milker’s Best Friend

  • Product of choice when teats require more effective cleaning.
  • Especially effective when prep routine demands a fast kill.

Valiant Pre/Post — Healthy Teat Specialist

  • Product of choice when contagious mastitis is main problem.
  • Especially effective when teats need extra conditioning.

NEW** Valiant Shield — Alternative Bedding Master

  • Heptanoic acid is the secondary germicide.
  • Product of choice when need quick dry time, good color marking and high log kill.
  • Especially effective when alternative bedding is used.

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